© Laura McMorrow

Not Of This Earth, 2012

Upon entering the space the viewer is struck by the sight of an illuminated conical structure. The monumental shape of this piece makes the viewing of video work a more physical experience. The visual representation of the projection screen with its enclosed space sets the formal structure and mirrors the optical focus of the work. The projector’s light beam takes on a material consistency; it is an exploration of perception and reality, fiction and fantasy and of interplanetary and otherworldliness.

The footage in the video was filmed using handmade sets. Materials were recorded in a state of transient movement. Styrofoam rocks tumble weightlessly along the ground, crystals are formed from jelly, and bitumen bubbles. The video asks the viewer to suspend their disbelief, and the sets and lighting techniques give the illusion of large-scale landscapes.

Imagining The Hidden World, 2012

This piece explores the physical act of looking. Viewers must peer into the structure to view the video piece which pumps out an invitation in the form of an ominous beating sound. The nature of the structure means it must be viewed alone.

Gastropod, 2013

Gastropod is the result of a two day residency in an empty shop building on High Street in Belfast. I approached the space as a film set exploring ideas of otherworldliness and low-fi film making. A bell jar containing a collection of slugs was installed in the space in front of a black mirror. It was not long before the slugs escaped and began to explore the space leaving traces of their movements behind. This film documents their great escape.

Gastropod from Low Low on Vimeo.